July 23, 2024

Inno3D has  just revealed their transitional roadmap for the GTX 1060/Ti GPU which is quite an exciting yet expected news, I mean there is always a xx60 card in Nvidia’s lineup. But do note from the slides below that they are not calling it a 1060 yet, so the formal naming scheme might change in the future, but for our conveniences sake and keeping up with tradition we will call it GTX 1060.


As per the transition roadmap, it seems like the GTX 1060/Ti would be somewhere in between a GTX 970 and a GTX 980 in terms of firepower all the while having better thermal output and power efficiency. The cherry on top of all this has to be the fact that it will supposedly be priced lower than a GTX 970.
The third pascal card is expected to carry over all the technological advancements that the elder pascal siblings offer as shown in the chart below.

GTX 1060 features

GTX 1060 Rumored Specifications

Also as per rumors(Zauba database) Nvidia GTX 1060 will have The GP106 core which will be using high density GDDR5 (256MX32 configuration). Since the bus width is 256-bits, we are looking in between 4GB and 8GB of vRAM. And there are also rumors of a “Ti” variant releasing later on.

GTX 1060 die


Personally speaking the GTX 1060 could really be a killer card for the masses, easy on the pocket and high on firepower with VR capabalities. Regarding the exact SKU and specifications, its all speculation at this point and sp we should wait till Q3 2016 when it’s expected to launch.

However if you want to read more on the GTX 1060’s we have covered a few more details about it here:

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As soon as new info surfaces we will be sure to cover it, so as always stay tuned.