July 14, 2024

Ori And The Blind Forest was one of the best game of the year 2015 that I played. I played, I got into it, it became my obsession, I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Now is the time for the definitive edition, which will be released on March 11th, exactly one year after it’s initial release.

Unlike most editions, this expansion will not contain previously released DLC, but will have story extensions, more levels, story exploration of NARU(ORI’s caretaker), new abilities, new difficulty options( you can play in “easy” mode if you just want to enjoy the game, you can also try the new “hard” mode if you want more challenge) and also you can teleport between the save wells that you will discover throughout.



If you liked collecting hidden items althrough out the game in the first one, then there is some good news in store. Moon studios also looked into that. You will now be able to hunt down and gather to little heart’s content.