October 3, 2023

So all the leaks and rumors came to reality, with the introduction of the iPhone 7 and its big brother 7 Plus. As with every iPhones Apple come with lil-big enhancement or revolution, they hadn’t failed to do their job this time as well.

So with this year’s iPhone Apple hadn’t gone aggressively with the design change which they do with their two years of upgrade pattern. Instead, they went with almost the same design language with a lil-bit of tweaking here and there.

The Changes

    So what actually “changed”? What’s actually “new” here? Well, let’s start with a disappointment for the most of the people! So, Apple just decided to do a time-travel by abandoning the “ancient” 3.5mm audio jack to the desert and adding only one lightning port instead. So, the reason for this move? Apple got an explanation for it. According to Apple the 3.5mm audio jack was preventing them to add the slightly larger battery and the new better than before taptic engine.

The Removal of 3.5mm Audio Jack: The audio-jack removal brought a storm in social-media as it got announced in the event. So Apple came with another explanation with their “new approach” to the listening to music. The new approach is none but going “wireless”. This new approach doesn’t only made them to remove the audio jack but also opened the door for two new bluetooth headphones. One is Apple’s new AirPods and another is….ummm… Beats Solo 3…love it or hate it, we all saw it coming anyway. So what does make these two new headphones makes them special in the crowd of thousands of wireless headphones? None but the Apple’s new W1 chip which allows them to directly connect with an iPhone and interacting with SiRi with some tapping gestures.

Now what will happen if you don’t want to go with the flow with Apple’s new approach and want to use your favourite headphone equipped with 3.5mm jack? No need to worry, you’ve got an option from Apple! Buy the small lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter, which costs just 9$… ummm.. Just 9$…Never mind.

What’s Powering the Beast? :  The new iPhone seems pretty identical from outside unless you’re going to pick the new Jet Black or the Matte Black iPhone but it’s a significant bump-up from inside. It’s rocking Apple’s new A10 Fusion chip. Why the term “fusion”? Remember the big-little combo Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets? Yes, it’s almost the same. This time it’s a quad-core chip with 2 high power cores coupled with 2 low powered cores clocked at 2.23 GHz. As always it’s crazy fast. The iPhone 7 comes with 2GB of RAM whereas the Plus model comes with 3GB of it. Though there won’t be any significant difference in real life performance thanks to the fluidity of iOS10.

Same Old Display With Vividness: Let’s talk about the display now. Ummm..it’s still the same ~720p display for the iPhone 7 and 1080p for the big boy iPhone 7 Plus. Though the numbers are still the same but Apple has claimed that it’s much brighter and saturated than the one on last year’s iPhones. Though it’s still a step behind from its Android competitors who’re already adopting higher resolution displays.

Will Your Eyes be Satisfied with What It Captures? :  So you all have noticed, Flicker getting flooded with iPhone photography. That clearly indicates the craziness behind the iPhone camera. So Apple had to do something new this time. Though iPhone 7 came with a simple 12 MP camera but its big brother came with dual-camera, which helps in achieving a 2x optical zoom and it also give you the freedom to add a sweet DOF as you can do with your DSLR. The new 28mm 12MP camera has an aperture of f/1.8 where its 56mm neighbor telephoto lens has an aperture of f/2.8 which are paired with Quad dual-tone flash. Apple has satisfied the selfie-holic audience with the front camera bump up. They’ve added a 7MP f/2.2 shooter at the front with the same retina-flash.  

It’s Better Late Than Never! The Water Resistant iPhone:  So, you’re bit careless with your favourite iPhone and has an habit to drop water or you favourite chocolate smoothie on it? No need to worry. Apple is here with the solution. The iPhone is now officially water-resistant. Want to take your iPhone to the shower with you to click some weird shower-selfie? Yes, you’re now officially certified to do that.

Small Changes With BIG Improvements:  Now let’s come to the small changes which came with the new iPhone. So first thing first, you favourite clicky home-button will no longer response to your clicks. No need to be sad. Even after being a solid piece of glass with a metal ring, it’s now smarter. Remember the taptic engine I was talking about above? Yes, that one! The new home-button works as the track-pad on MacBooks. It’s now paired with the Apple’s “force touch” feature. Now let’s talk about the changes which will make the last year’s iPhone and the new iPhones to be identified visually. If you flip to the iPhone’s back you’ll the antenna line has been moved to the far top and far bottom of the device. The removal of the headphone jack has also helped Apple to put two stereo speakers one at the bottom and another one at the place of the ear-piece. Yes, definitely it sounds much better than the previous year’s model.

The biggest visual changes can be noticed when you’ll get the beautiful, glossy Jet Black iPhone. The glossy new iPhone looks stunning until you put your hands on it and roam with it by putting it inside of your jeans’ pocket. When you’ll pull it out of your pocket, you’ll see lots of fingerprint on it and yes with added scratches! Apple officially suggested to use a case with you Jet Black iPhone.

On the storage side Apple has finally moved on to 32GB as the smallest option with a 256GB on the higher end. They had cut off the 64GB variant as well.

After all these changes this new iPhone still looks incomplete to me. Is Apple trying to give us a glimpse of next year’s monster? What do you think? Is it a part of a bigger plan which is Apple making for their 10 year anniversary? Let us know in the comment section below.

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