February 25, 2024

The much talked about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus finally hits the Indian markets friday midnight, seeking to become the choice of the festive season this year.

There is much conversation surrounding Apple’s latest offering that compares the iPhone 6 to its predecessors and contemporaries. In keeping with the phablet phenomenon, the iPhone 6 Plus sports a 5.5 inch screen whereas the iPhone 6 comes at a handy 4.7′. The rest of the tech-specs include A8 processor and an M8 motion coprocessor, iOS8, longer battery life and better screen resolution (1334×750 for the iPhone 6 and 1920×1080 for the 6 Plus version). The camera packs in an improved image stabilization and autofocus feature with Focus Pixels for both still images and videos. Additionally Apple has also introduced its Apple Pay feature that combines the Apple account, TouchID feature and NFC technology for a convenient payment technology.

The pre-bookings that opened upabout a week back have revealed an excited Apple fan base all geared up to lay their hands on the new models. The infamous Hairgate and Bendgate notwithstanding, iPhone 6 pre-orders in China have reportedly crossed 20 million. So what is it about the iPhone that unleashes a frenzy like no other?

Apart from being a one-of-its-kind class icon, there is more reliability attached to the brand Apple than any other. With an iPhone, the user is assured of seamless, quality performancewith an unparalleled reputation for longevity. It’s likely that you switch to a newer phone from a current iPhone due to boredom or an insatiable need for the latest in town, than a device malfunction. Also with the design of the iPhone 6, Apple has shown more consideration for consumer demands over its tendency of producing an iconoclastic product; adding to its fan-base,adulators of the phablet-loving kind. Says one user, “Simply put, love the phone for its simplistic interface and lag free operation.”

Enthusiasm in the first buyers of iPhone 6 in Mumbai was observed in multiple retail stores like The MobileStore, Croma Retail and Reliance Digital.

Apple fans gather in front of reliance digital

Fans gather in front of chroma


iFans in front of the mobile store

Have a quick look at the exciting faces in the Croma Store at Pheonix Mills where this happy family are all happy iPhone owners. The father had to say, “I bought this iPhone for my wife as a gift”. The wife said, “I am very excited to use the iPhone”. The family added that they booked the iPhone soon after their daughter got the news about the iPhone prebook opening 2 weeks back. They chose Croma since they trust the brand and it’s service since past many years


Mr. Dhirendra Gajviye, who was the first buyer at Reliance Digital shares his experience of owning the most talked about phone of 2014, iPhone 6, stating that “I am a big fan of Apple products. I have an iPad, a macbook, iPhone 5s already. Now I feel proud to own the iPhone 6”. Apart from the happiness of owning the device, he was also in for a surprise when he entered the store.

Creative Peripherals Pvt. Ltd., the official sole distributor of Beats in India, planned a unique surprise for Dhirendra in association with Reliance Digital. He was gifted a special Beats Solo headphones along with the iPhone. Dhirendra was overwhelmed by the gesture and thanked Creative Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. Saying, “It was a really nice gesture by Creative Peripherals and I just heard the sound quality of Beats headphones in the store. I am really excited about the headphones. Thanks!”

Mr. Dhirendra with the iPhone and Beats Solo headphones.


Another lady who brought the iPhone shared her experience that iPhone products are always promising and this was a gift for her son.(lucky lad!)

With iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is sure to hold off the wave of threat from other leading smartphone manufacturers for a little while. The stage is set, the requisite build-up in place. Only time can give evidence of the bouquets and brickbats the iPhone 6 will generate. Stay tuned!

As for4 prices the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is available in India at Rs. 53,500 for the 16GB variant, Rs. 62,500 for the 64GB variant, and Rs. 71,500 for the 128GB variant. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has been priced at Rs. 62,500 for the 16GB variant, Rs. 71,500 for the 64GB variant, and Rs. 80,500 for the 128GB variant