February 28, 2024

Astratech, a technology startup based out of Eastern India has made a foray into the computer hardware market in India. They have just released their first product in the market, ASTRA KD350X NVMe drives.

Deriving its name from ‘Astra’ meaning the weapon, the KD 350X SSD aka “Kapi Dhwaja” is positioned towards the mid-range NVMe segment backed by good components and solid after-sales policy.

Not much info is yet given by Astra Tech yet except a formal Facebook note. While we wait for a Press release, let’s see what they had said in the note itself.

‘Astra’ the weapons used by gods and the chosen ones symbolised the power they possessed and used when the need was dire. As they say, with great power comes greater responsibility. Inspired by such deep virtues, we took it upon ourselves to use the collective knowledge, experience, passion, and dedication to present some truly exciting things for all the PC users.

India is home to one of the oldest civilization with rich culture and heritage known to mankind. With such legacy and heritage there is invaluable wisdom & knowledge passed on from generations. Indian mythology imparts some truly enriching life lessons which are precious and valuable even in today’s modern times.Today, we are immensely proud and excited to present, an Indian brand, “Astra”Under this new brand, all PC Users shall be treated to some exciting products inspired by our rich heritage, perfected by technology.Our team consists of veterans, young entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts who will guide “Astra” to become a favoured brand amongst all PC users.To make this brand launch even more exciting, we are also launching our very first product to the market, Astra KD350X Series of blazing fast NVMe SSDs. Featuring fast speeds of upto 3500 MBps and backed by 5 Years limited replacement warranty at an affordable price point. KD350X Product range shall have capacities starting from 256GB, all the way upto 2TB!

Source : Facebook

Lets take a look at the technical stuff that we know so far.

The KD350X is a Gen 3 NVMe SSD driven by the Phison 12S Controller like the Sabrent Rocket Q that we have in our lab at the moment. The DRAM Cache is from Kingston (256MB) and the NAND chip itself is from Micron as per our sources. The performance is expected to be nearly identical to other products in the market like the Sabrent Rocket Q or Team group M34, we can, however, only verify it after we get a sample in our hand.

We will bring more info on this as soon as we get them.

Till then please enjoy the pictures and spread the news and stay tuned to TechARX!