April 13, 2024


After the recent news of Oculus Rift costing $499, Expectations from HTC for Vive being priced aggressively built up. But recently price of Vive has been leaked, placing the price bracket around $799 ($200 more than Rift).  Pricing information was expected to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. HTC Vive costing more than Oculus Rift isn’t a surprise as speculations were made right after the news of Oculus Rift being priced around $500.
The Vive headset ships with two controllers along with a couple of base stations to track your position around the room. HTC will also provide two free games with the whole package. As for the pre-orders you can order your kit from february 29 and the actual delivery of the product will start from early April.download (1)
On the other hand, Rift comes with the headset itself, two games, an Oculus remote and an Xbox One pad, although it doesn’t include an Oculus Touch controller, which will be released later this year. One of the reason for Vive costing more can be because of the motion sensors. You can find the comparison between Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive here.

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