April 18, 2024

Certifications have been proven to be trusted validations of one’s skills in a particular area and made their way to various industries including IT due to their convenience of earning and use. Lots of them can be obtained online which makes credentials even more popular and demanded. However, the main reason for their fame is that they relate to numerous niches. These also include innovative IT technologies like Microsoft Azure that is considered one of the best platforms for managing the business’s cloud infrastructure.

As long as a lot of companies use Azure Services, they also need administrators to handle the operations. And Certbolt  got this issue covered by offering appropriate certifications and exams that are now recognized worldwide. In this post, we’ll tell you more about how the Microsoft AZ-104 test can make you a qualified administrator of an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment and how to prepare for this assessment.

Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Overview

The Microsoft AZ-104 exam is a requirement for gaining the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential. It is recommended to the individuals who already have at least six months of experience in Azure administration and want to upgrade professionally by verifying their skills. Also, enrolling in AZ-104, one needs to have a solid understanding of the working principles of Core Azure Services since the contents of the exam include the following domains:

  • Configuring and managing of virtual networks
  • Management and deploying of Azure computing resources
  • Governance, management of Azure identities
  • Principles of backing-up and monitoring Azure resources
  • Implementation of storage Download

Acing this test, you’ll become an accredited Microsoft Azure Administrator. These specialists usually work as a part of a team responsible for various operations such as implementation, monitoring, resource adjustments, governance, and management of cloud environments in that particular company. Considering this list of responsibilities, you need to obtain hands-on skills to be ready to apply your theoretical knowledge when working with real tasks. And you can easily do this by utilizing the right preparation techniques.

Dumps: Why They Are Important in Preparation?

Although there are some learning paths provided by Microsoft itself, it is important to test your knowledge after studying the AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Certifications because that is the best way to find your lack knowledge areas. For instance, you can use dumps to assess yourself.

As AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Training is quite popular, you can easily find many sites that offer valid dumps for it. They are suitable to both check your competence and prepare you to face the test giving you an insight into its contents. Also, they make you familiar with the exam environment so that you will be able to figure things like the types of questions, and the time you take to answer them.


Studying with all the dedication and in line with a time table can deliver the best possible outcome you can View The Source . Make use of an official instructor-led or self-paced course, supplement it with dumps, and you’ll know how the actual exam is going to be and will be confident enough to tackle it in a breeze!