February 29, 2024

In case you missed it, Sony has revealed new plans in addition to the existing basic PS plus service. These plans come with the added benefits of a huge library of first and third party games, PS1 PS2 and PSP classics on top of the monthly free games, cloud and multiplayer access that existing plans already offer.

PlayStation Plus Essential price in India

  • 1 month – Rs 499
  • 3 months – Rs 1,199
  • 12 months – Rs 2,999

PlayStation Plus Extra price in India

  • 1 month – Rs 749
  • 3 months – Rs 1,999
  • 12 months – Rs 4,999

PlayStation Plus Deluxe price in India

  • 1 month – Rs 849
  • 3 months – Rs 2,299
  • 12 months – Rs 5,749

These plans are supposed to be available from June 23 and subscribing to them should be easy, and you can do them directly from the console itself. But what if your credit card gets declined? Well don’t worry because Sony has also introduced new top up cards that are available from retailers.

Games The Shop currently has these for purchase and you can head over there now to get yourself subscribed.