July 12, 2024

The news that Nvidia has dropped future support for the GTX 900 series cards has created immense nuisance since the last night. The GTX 900 series GPUs have now been moved to legacy support which means that Nvidia would no longer be pushing update for performance optimizations for the concerned GPUs. The information came through as quite a shocker as no one expected Nvidia to drop support for these relatively new GPUs. The last GTX 900 series card launched at a date which feels like yesterday (22 August 2015), so the news was menacing to say the least for all the Nvidia consumers.

GTX 900 series dropped to legacy

Bear in mind that dropping to Legacy Support would not mean that the cards start malfunctioning or cease to work, this only means that the GTX 900 series GPUs would no longer be fed through optimizations. The news ventured through the terrains in a quite enigmatic and recherche manner as there were no official announcements from Nvidia regarding this. However, some constant diggers were able to uncover the news as soon as it was realized, it seems.

I myself cannot make any rational conjectures relating to Nvidia’s undertaking but I believe that this is being done in order to boost the incentive of the GTX 1000 Series or to concentrate their resources on ameliorating the performance on the cards which are likely to be the preferred choices by gaming connoisseurs all over the world. In the past, Nvidia has been accused of ‘gimping’ GPUs that belong to an older generation, albeit I consider that as a rather baseless and farcical accusation. However, it is true that many AMD cards belonging to older generations have began to significantly outperform their Nvidia counterparts when recent DirectX 11, DirectX 12 and Vulkan titles are in consideration ; so this might be what has led the audience to such extrapolations.

In comparison to the previous Kepler GPUs, the Maxwell GPUs have been culled off constant support relatively quicker and it isn’t surprising at all, why a lot of Nvidia consumers won’t be pleased.