April 18, 2024

Grip it like you mean it.

Some veterans of the PC gaming age must’ve already understood where I’m going with the title and article, yeah, I’m talking about how you hold the mouse to frag your hapless opponents.

The French legion ASUS Republic Of Gamers released an image which can help you identify your grip style.


Now you might be asking, why all the fuss regarding a simple mouse grip ? Simply because different mice have different grips and different styles. A Steelseries Kinzu or Cooler Master Storm Spawn would suit your claw or fingertip hold however the Corsair M95 or the Razer Deathadder might suit your Palm grip comfort zone.

But hey don’t let our small suggestions stop you from getting one of these bad boys. Every grip is right since it varies from person to person and how they use their arm and wrist movements to play. While claw grippers and fingertip grippers can utilize the full twisting motions of their wrist to move the mouse around and utilizing a higher DPI count, Palm grippers can send enemies to the spawnpoint using their wrist and arm movements in tandem playing with a generally low DPI and bigger mousepad surface.

Which one suits you the best ? Let us know.