June 14, 2024

Snapdeal, one of the hefty e-commerce site which is extremely faddish in customer gratification with their ample service and husky trait, now organizing one of the best recent social campaigns. Snapdeal believes that “one good deed can make a big difference”. Yes, it is unquestionably true. It is evident that making people happy is the greatest deed one can do in their life. Snapdeal organizing a campaign for the people to motivate in doing a “GoodDeed” and Snapdeal wants people to join this unique campaign. So let’s join #GoodDeedWithSnapdeal campaign and do some good deed

To join the click on http://gooddeed.snapdeal.com/

To join the campaign you’ll have to go through the processes:

1>  Do a real good deed today

2> Post it with a picture or video on Facebook, Twitter OR Instagram with #GoodDeedWithSnapdeal

3> Nominate 2 friends to join the movement

4> Return the deed by appreciating someone else’s good deed