June 15, 2024
Press Release

On 13th May 2020, Gigabyte announced its W480 vision series of motherboards, consisting of the new W480 chipset for the new Intel’s 10th generation Xeon and Core vPro processors.   The motherboards are workstation focused and hence, are targeted for content creation and workstation systems.

Stability and network speed is a crucial factor for workstation users. The W480 vision series features 12 phase digital power and latest thermal design, paired with highly durable DrMOS to provide great power balance, giving the motherboard to deliver ample power to the components. The W480 Vision series features four sets of memory slots supporting dual-channel ECC and non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4 memory, which is a necessary feature for server systems.

The lineup features Intel 2.5GbE + 1 GbE dual-server-level network for high-speed connectivity, and will also have support for Thunderbolt 3, Intel Wi-Fi 6 and SATA DOM. The motherboards also come with multi-GPU support, meaning the user can utilize multiple large-scale high-end display cards or multiple workstation level graphics cards to their convenience. In addition, the W480 Vision D features an Intel WiFi 6 802.11ax network adapter and high-gain smart antenna to deliver up to 2.4Gbps speed over the air.

The lineup of motherboards is reported to have a different set of features for different motherboards in order to serve the needs of different users with different use cases. The variation of features will allow the users to select a motherboard that is suited to one’s needs while eliminating unnecessary features.

For people like video editors, who have a need for features to make their editing experience better, this lineup has an excellent sound performance. The W480 Vision series motherboards utilize ACC 1220-VB audio engine, paired with WIMA FKP 2 studio-grade audio capacitors for studio-grade audio quality. The lineup also supports DTS:X ultra for the same purpose.

The Thunderbolt 3 feature provides two sets of USB Type-C interfaces, providing up to 40Gb/s speed per channel, making file transfers quick, and through the use of daisy chain technology, the port can connect up to six devices at once using only a single port

The full list of specifications can be found n the official Gigabyte website. The pricing for this lineup is yet to be announced.