July 14, 2024

Last week galax announced the Gamer RGB Memory as the world-first memory with interchangeable lego blocks.

This week they decided to publish some benchmarks.

The company does not provide many details, such as the system configuration, But it is undoubtedly Intel Alder Lake since that’s the only platform supporting DDR5. The memory was running with 36-36-36-76 at a nominal JEDEC frequency of 4800 MH/s in Gear 2 mode and at 1.1 voltage.

With such settings, the memory reportedly has a read speed of 69365 MB/s and 68413 MB/s in write. The copy instruction was at 65646 MB/s, while the latency is reportedly at 86.3 ns.

We will bring on more on the Galax Gamer DDR5 as the story develops! Till then stay tuned to TechARX !