May 21, 2024

Galactic Civilizations 3 Mercenaries is the new expansion for the 3rd main game of the Galactic Civilizations series. Galactic Civilization 3 is a very much popular 4X space strategy game. With the new expansion, comes new campaign missions, new races, abilities to recruit elite units, special ship parts etc.  Players will be able to travel across various galactic places also known as Galactic bazaars in order to hire mercenaries that will help them expand far into the galaxy.

Paul Boyler, the lead designer of Galactic Civilization 3 Mercenaries said that, “Once they are gone, they are gone. When a mercenary is hired by a civilization in a game, it is no longer available to the others. You will need to act quickly and choose wisely in order to get the best mercenaries and leave your enemies without.”

The TORIAN RACE, a peaceful race who have been enslaved and farmed for their meat by the very cruel Drengin. Our campaign in this game revolves around that plot. Objective is simple. Throughout the game you have to explore galaxies to find and aid the mercenaries. then hire them to help escape the oppressors. Help the TORIANS to rebuild their shattered civilizations and while doing so, try and stay out from Drengin’s sight.



This expansion also includes the Arcean faction. Arceans are an ancient race of respected and honourable warriors unlike the Torians who are the aquatic species.

This expansion of the famous 4X strategy game somewhere in the line failed to deliver what the main game delivered quite nicely. In here you will have access to bigger badder ships, but in the way of adding various equipment and gadgets,and also adding plenty of thing to do i the middle like cutting chunks, bringing your back into the galactic politics,they failed to add contents that will affect the actual gameplay which puts the game in a platform of good at none of those two.

My final verdict, Galactic civilizations 3’s expansions did not live upto my expectations. Yes, there is a lot of thing to do here and there also with no change in gameplay, which was needed in the first place. I give this game a 6 out of 10.