June 24, 2024

Released in succession to yesteryear’s successful 2-way SLI Bridge, MSI has now added the 3Way and 4Way SLI Bridges in Kit form. A multiple GPU setup with the most powerful graphic cards harnessed in perfect harmony is the way to go for the best possible 4k experience.
MSI have integrated a 120 mm silent fan with special mounting bracket into both, the 3WAY and the 4WAY SLI Bridges to displace the heat that is evolved whenever a graphic card is made to perform at its highest possible limit. This helps in maintaining optimal temperatures within the PC.


Both the 3WAY and 4WAY variants of the SLI BRIDGE KITS are made from the very same material with which the 2WAY SLI BRIDGE-L was built and praised for. The two new introductions include a premium LED illuminated GAMING logo, which can be controlled by the exclusive MSI Gaming App. The new 3WAY and 4WAY SLI BRIDGE KITS offer support for SLI setups that feature graphics cards of the MSI GeForce GTX 900 series.
The gracefully crafted metallic cover gives the cover a solid look and feel while offering higher conductivity. Optimised for 4K+ resolutions and refresh rates higher than 144Hz, the MSI GAMING SLI bridge is one step in the future of gaming as we know it!
Let us take a look at what the kits look like:

3-Way SLI Bridge:


Bridge size(LxWxH): 161x60x51
Kit Weight: 236g
SLI Connector Spacing: 40-80mm

4-Way SLI Bridge:
msi-sli-4wayunnamed (1)
Bridge size(LxWxH): 161x60x51
Kit Weight: 236g
SLI Connector Spacing: 40mm

What to expect: A look at the 2-Way SLI Bridge
When NVidia originally unveiled its fancy-looking SLI bridges, the market was flooded with many of the same variety. MSI was not late to follow the trend and released the 2Way SLI Bridge, which was praised for its efficiency and light weight. So, it is safe to assume that the successors will not disappoint.

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