May 20, 2024

Who  doesn’t love games? Of course everyone does. And getting those games for free is something everyone enjoys. The people at Bundle Stars are doing exactly that. Keys for Planetary Annihilation, an RTS game that cost about  $30/£23 on Steam are being given away at their website, for FREE!

Well, free meaning that you won’t have to lighten your wallet, but for the game, you do have to do some small tasks. The thing’s pretty simple: Sign up for the Bundle Stars newsletter, join the Bundle Stars Steam group, and watch a couple of ads, amongst which there’s one for the stand-alone expansion Planetary Annihilation: Titans for 70% off it normal price. And then all that you need to do is sit back and enjoy the free game.

So far, there are no cons to this sweet, sweet deal but the offer last only till the digital supplies last. So, if you wanna get your hands on a free game you better get on it ASAP!