June 14, 2024

Epic Games have finally made the game officially available for android. In the beginning, when the game was launched, it was available only for Samsung users. Then when Epic games tried to make it available for all android phones Google demanded them for 30% of what they make from In-App purchases. This made them lose their nerve and they started operating on other platforms other than Play store. They tried releasing the APK file of the game so that people can download and install the game on their mobile phones. Now after 18 long months, Epic games and Google have come into a truce and it’s available in Play store for download.

Epic Games have officially announced the Fortnite game on their Twitter handle. Initially, when you first download the size of the game will be 107MB, then later when you enter the game, an additional file of whopping 7.4GB will have to be downloaded in case of Android, and 224.5MB initially and 4.11GB additional file has to be downloaded in case of IOS. So be ready for that, clear up the files and make dome space for the game.

The runaway accomplishment of Fortnite Battle Royale, which sees 100 players duke it out on an island guide to be the last contender standing, had just observed extraordinary success on platforms like PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Fortunately, Fortnite’s cartoonish character made it easy and simple to scale it down to mobile phone screen sizes without compromising on anything except the aim-assist option.

The mobile game comes with the same maps, same weapons and even identical updates just like the PC or gaming console version. So this will create a new opportunity for the Fortniters to show their skills on the mobile version of the game too.

  In my case, I was able to run the game smoothly without any issues at 30FPS on my Oneplus 6t and at

 Spec Requirements

Epic games have designed the game in such a way that it runs on most of the smartphones. The easiest way to check if your smartphone can run the game or not is to go to Google Play Store and search for Fortnite and press install. If it installs you can very well play the game. But, if it doesn’t then probably you will have to upgrade your smartphone or try with some other smartphone.

Still, Epic Games have mentioned the minimum requirements to run the game:

  • OS: Recommended Android 8.0 or higher, 64 bit
  • RAM: minimum 3GB

The best part of the game is that it even supports Cross-Play, that is you can play with players using Android, IOS, PC, Xbox One, or even Playstation 4. So no need to worry teaming up with your friends playing via different consoles, Epic Games has got you covered!