February 23, 2024

Nope, Apple didn’t forget about the iPod. A new report on Thursday suggests that the company is actually gearing up to refresh the iPod family later this year. That includes a refresh to the iPod touch.


AppleInsider cites a source familiar with the matter who said that the iPod touch will likely continue to pack a 4-inch display but that the decision isn’t set in stone. It seems plausible, at least to us, that Apple will boost the size of the screen given that the device is for multimedia consumption, though it probably also doesn’t want to cannibalize sales of its iPad mini.


Apple is expected to power the device with chips from older iPhones, AppleInsidersaidand will likely boost the storage capacities, add improved cameras and more. Oddly, AppleInsider makes no mention of the addition of TouchID, which seems like a feature that Apple should add to its product, especially if it wants to make online purchases easier for its users.


The news outlet didn’t say when Apple might refresh the iPods, but it seems plausible that it could occur during the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June, or perhaps around back to school season in September when the new iPhones are typically announced.