July 21, 2024

UPDATE:- Just now Treyarch head Mark Lamia confirmed that the game will be running at 60 fps on both the consoles.The current build is running 1080p 60 fps on PS4.No words on Xbox one resolution yet.

The next installment of the widely known franchisee Call of Duty has been revealed today.The next installment marks the great comeback of the most beloved chapter of the series as it named as Call of Duty Black Ops 3.Here is the latest trailer:-


Like the other black ops series this one too handled by the renowned studio Treyarch.The studio also released some 4k images to give the gamers a proper and much more detailed look of the game and character models.




Call of Duty faced a lot of criticism in 2013 when Call of Duty Ghosts failed to impress even the core fanbase of the game.In 2014 Sledgehammer games tried to bring back the lost glory of the franchisee with Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare where they introduced the “exo” suits for the first time giving the plot a massive futuristic leap in terms of storyline from its previous installments with a dose of stunning visuals.But still it failed to gather the much needed attention which the franchisee desperately wanted.This time with the arrival of Black ops 3 and the inclusion of Treyarch who gave arguably the last best game in Call of Duty franchisee fans can expect a gamechanger.Call of Duty black ops 2 will get a multiplayer beta,but right now its only limited to those who are pre ordering the game.No news on open beta whatsoever.Black ops 3 will hit the shelves on 6/11/2015 and will be available on Ps4,Xbox one and PC.For more news keep your eyes on our site.