June 24, 2024

2016 is shaping up to be what looks like The Year of the Gamer, with much awaited titles like Quantum Break and Dishonored 2 releasing this year. Among the plethora of games that come out this year, here’s our list of the 10 best looking and promising delight-fests of  what arguably is gaming’s most enjoyable genre. The list is in no particular order and DLCs/expansions are excluded

  1. Homefront: The Revolution
    A sequel to the 2011-released first person shooter, the sequel steers away from the linear direction of Homefront towards an open world setting, and it seems that this newfound addition is exactly what the war-torn setting of Homefront lacked. The first-person shooter, said to have a release date of 17 May 2016 looks like a more consistent yet larger version of the franchise’s first. Pitting you against a unified Korea in the near-future, the game essentially takes place four years after the events of the Homefront after a resistance movement started against the Korean Republic as they occupied the Western United States.

    Platforms: Pc, PS4 and XBoxOne

  2. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    Set in the medieval world of 15th century Bohemia, this indie release is one that focuses primarily on realism and historical accuracy. Boasting of superb graphics, a captivating soundtrack and an immersive world, this ambitious first-person RPG surely is one of the most promising releases of the year. Head on to our preview of the game to know more.

    Platforms: Pc, PS4 and XBox One

  3. Scalebound
    Dragons, futuristic AI, a great studio: this game has “awesome” written all over it. Being developed by critically acclaimed Bayonetta developer Platinum Games, this title is one of, if not the most exciting titles of this list. Scalebound is a fascinating mix of fantasy, futuristic tech and medieval-looking armour and weapons. Made on the Unreal Engine 4, the game’s visuals look downright gorgeous and from what we have seen of the game thus far, it looks like the fusion of Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma that we never knew we wanted.

    Platform: XBox One

  4. Dark Souls 3
    By now, it’s common knowledge that Dark Souls is the highly punishing, excruciatingly painful, third-degree torturous RPG series that everyone has grown to love. The last installment in the franchise, Bloodborne was no different. Great as it was, the game was bound to some limitations and restrictions which didn’t allow the player to have as much fun as they could’ve had. So, learning from this, the 4th installment of the action RPG series lets us players venture freely in its punishing world.

    Platforms: Pc, PS4 and XBox One

  5. No Man’s Sky
    The only game in the list to have already won an award(most anticipated game), you surely would’ve heard about this ambitious project unless you’ve been living under a rock. No Man’s Sky is a science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe, with a gazillion number of planets that are almost the size of  real-world planets. In other words, the game’s open world is BLOODY HUGE! Already delayed many times in the past, the game is said to release this year in June.

    Platforms: Pc and PS4

  6. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
    A prequel to the beloved Mirror’s Edge, which one our hearts with its dynamic parkour, now gives us the opportunity to use the brilliant parkour techniques to roam around the world freely and indulge in the exhilarating  and fast-paced free running probably packed with the decent storyline that its predecessor had. Releasing on 24 May 2016, this first-person adventure game is worth looking out for.

    Platforms: Pc, PS4 and XBox One

  7. Mafia III
    Whenever an open world game set in the real world comes out, it is surely compared with the open-world giant i.e. the Grand Theft Auto series, but rarely does one have the potential to beat the competition. And well, this is one of those rare franchises. The first 2 installments of the series became instant classic with their great story telling and clever use of the open-world. Mafia III looks no different, and now with next-gen graphics, the latest title in the fan-favorite series will surely live up to it hype.

    Platforms: Pc, PS4 and XBox One

  8. Tom Clancy’s The Division
    When a game dons the “Tom Clancy’s” suffix, you can be sure that there’s gonna be some kick-ass levels of pure awesomeness involved. And the case is no different with this third-person, open world, massive multiplayer online action RPG shooter. Nearing its release date, anyone of the 6.4million+ can tell you just how amazing this game is. And you can tell that the devs at Ubisoft are paying genuine attention to the game by the fact that they have worked with the players to kill every single bug that they encountered during the Alpha and the Beta stages. Releasing on the 8th of March, alomst every player around the globe is eagerly waiting for its release.

    Platforms: Pc, PS4 and XBox One

  9. Horizon Zero Dawn
    This PS4 exclusive is one that makes all the Pc and XBox gamers burn with envy, simply because of the fact that this game has it ALL. Great action, amazing graphics, a prehistoric feel and DINOSAURS! The game seems to be set in a prehistoric setting, apart from the fact that all the dinosaurs and wildlife are machines! The game is set 1000 years from now and according to the developers, the game is somewhere between Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim. The concept of this game is really intriguing and just the sheer gorgeousness is captivating.


  10. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands
    Now personally, this is the game that I am the most hyped about. I grew up playing Ghost Recon games, with superior tactical commanding and first-person shooting both merged into one. Wildlands is a completely new take on the Ghost Recon franchise, being an open-world , third person shooter but the tactical positioning and controlling remains. The graphics from what we’ve seen so far look absolutely stunning and although not much is known about Wildlands at this moment, more info will surely surface post The Division’s release as their focus will shift towards this masterpiece in the making.

    Platforms: Pc, PS4 and XBox One