May 24, 2024

Escape of Tarkov is one of the most challenging games out there, not only for newbies but for veteran players of the game as well. It is a statement that hardly anyone could argue in good faith, as the difficulty of Escape from Tarkov is legendary, and in all honestly, it was marketed as such as well, so one cannot blame the developers or the publishers of the game concerning the game’s difficulty. This game is totally unforgiving, unintuitive, and lacks anything that could even remotely be considered a tutorial for beginners. It is simply hell for gamers to get used to the game mechanics, which is just one of many difficulties of Escape from Tarkov.

But mastering the basics is not the end of the worry for a gamer in Escape from Tarkov. Once you have mastered the game and completed the tasks, then you would be rewarded with the coveted Kappa container, and that is where the true fun begins. Here you will find quests that will take everything out of you to finish, and even now, many gamers have not been able to complete these quests. Here are the five most difficult tasks in Escape from Tarkov and how to complete them. Although one should keep in mind that knowing these Escape from Tarkov hacks to complete these tasks would not guarantee a win, but they will certainly help.

1. The Guide

To this day, this remains the most challenging task in Escape from Tarkov, and such is its difficulty that many pro gamers hesitate in opting for this. It is a task given by the Peacekeeper which challenges the player to survive every map in the game – consecutively. Yes, you read that right; you cannot die once and must win every map consecutively to finish this task.

The strategy here is to start with the factory as you are most likely to die there, and if you fail at the first stage, you can try again without being disheartened. Labs are next mainly because of their high entry fee, and you should run for extract straight away. No point in sticking as the opponents here would be heavily armed. Playing safe is the way to complete this quest.

2. Shooter born in Heaven

Shooter born in Heaven is a quest close to the heart of those who just love sniping enemy combatants from a distance, as this quest would require three headshots from the gamer from about 100 m or more on woods, shoreline, reserve, and lastly, customs. In the case of woods, sniping from the mountain overlooking Sawmill is the way to go. In the shoreline, you should run to the roof to find targets. For reserve, you have to run up to the dome and shoot enemies from there, and lastly, in customs, sniping from the skeleton building is the right way to go.

3. Bullshit

A truly apt name for the task in hand as in this quest, you are required to find a specific drive at customs, and you have to plant it with a roller watch and an SV-98 inside the dorms. Now, this may seem simple enough but do keep in mind that you have to extract as well and all that without killing a SCAV during the operation. The simplest way to complete this quest is to have a buddy with you to handle the SCAV problem for you, as them killing a SCAV will not count against you. If this is not possible, then a night raid might be the best chance you would have,

4. Collector

Collector is the final quest one must conquer to obtain the coveted Kappa container in Escape from Tarkov. Naturally, it would be a difficult task that would take everything out of the gamer. And that is exactly the case with Collector. You are required to find numerous, not just one, fairly rare items in-raid, which makes it one of the most challenging tasks of the game. Luckily, one does not have to start collecting the item at the end, as they can collect it throughout the gameplay. Yes, it would take a lot of space in your inventory, but completing this task is your mission then this is the easiest way to finish this task.

5. Delivery from the Task

It is one of the most challenging tasks that one has to face quite early in the game. In this quest, you have to collect a secure case from the customs office and then plant it at a specific location in a factory. The challenge is that this task takes place over two maps, and if you are killed, the task will reset. The simplest solution here is not to go inside the map when there is a raid going on.