September 28, 2023



Escape From Tarkov is an upcoming first person action game which have both the aspects of RPG and MMO. It has a story driven content in it. Although it is an online only with either PVP or PVE gameplay. According to the press release, this game is set in the Russian city named Tarkov where players will play for two different military companies in a deadly conflict. The objective in this game will be simple, explore the city of Tarkov, survive the radiation poisoning and finally find a way out.  

Reason why you have to pre order Escape From Tarkov

The main reason why you should pre order this game is to gain access to the alpha and the beta which according to the battlestate games will take place in mid 2016.

The story 

Escape From Tarkov though is an online only title, it will have it’s primary mode as a mode of story. Story mode will be made up of approximately 10 scenarios and players can invite the people they trust and play together. Each scenarios will contain a map approximately 15-20 kilometers, and an individual player can return to the map that he or she just finished playing in. This will lead to more loots and more explorations throughout each and every map this game has to offer.

Inventory and stash

Beside from being a tactical shooter, Escape From Tarkov is also a survival game. And survival games means that you have to look out for the things you have in your inventory or your stash from time to time. If you run out of some valuable things which may help you survive in the city of tarkov, you will probably be doomed. So like every other survival games, Escape From Tarkov also sends you a message to keep an eye out for your personal stash.


In the above video, we get to see what the players will have to work with throughout the game.  In the left side of the screen shows the Gear, Health, Skills, Map and Notes tabs. We can also see that when a player opens his or her gear, they can access their own Headset, Goggles, Helmet, Body Armor, Holster, Scabbard, and weapons on their backpack or in their belts.


Weapons and Customization



Battlestate games have confirmed that there will be a lot of guns in this game. We get a glimpse of M4A14 and AK-74 in the video. Every gun that will feature in this game will have it’s own role in different maps and different mission scenarios throughout the game. And why won’t be there a ton of guns available? The game is based in a city in Russia, so there has to guns, lots of them.

In the above action gameplay video, we get a glimpse on how the customization of the game will be like. Battlestate games confirmed that the customization will feature magazines, laser pointers, flashlights, tactical grips, and even the trigger on certain guns. This will lead to players customize their own weapons exactly the way they want.

About the player’s character

Each player will have to compete against other players through the context of PVP. So like every other survival PVP games, you will lose everything that was in your inventory or stash if you die. Secondly, there will not be any health regenaration. Your body’s health point will be 100 and every other body parts will have their own separate individual health points. The Head, Chest, Right Arm, Stomach, Left Arm, Right Leg and Left Leg. Total health points altogether will be 700. you will have to survive tarkov with this 700 points. I will say it again, if you die, you will lose everything.

So, this was just an information on how the game will be and how the game will play. I am pumped up. I’m sure you are too.