July 12, 2024

We’re merely 4 days away from receiving the first update of Tom Clancy’s The Division and the dev team shows no sign of releasing tidbits about the update. We’ve seen the livestreams, heard the podcasts and even read through the patch notes. This time, however, the shocker comes from an image of the Gear Sets and Gear Set bonuses.

From the countless posts on reddit and all over the internet, we already knew that we were getting 4 gear sets and it was disclosed that equipping any single set would grant players a previously unseen talent which will be catered towards a singular style of gameplay. But we had no information on the talents or the stats the sets were going to incorporate.

All that has been put to rest now that we know the 4 sets and the two tier bonuses and the talents they provide. From a post on the Facebook page of Tom Clancy’s The Division, players were given the much needed information on the Gear Sets that are coming in the new update.

Incursion Gear Set


From the left,

  1. Striker’s Battlegear: This gear set is primarily focused towards a Firepower-based DPS player. The complete set offers 20% Armor Damage to Enemies, 100% increased Critical Damage (this one’s crazy) and the talent ‘Shooter’ . While ‘Shooter’ is active, every consecutive hit deals 1% increased damage and this stacks up to 100%. Missing shots reduce the bonus by 2% and each second spent without inflicting damage, reduces the bonus by 1%.

    So clearly, you need to keep your guns blazing if you want to kill enemies.

  2. Path of the Nomad: This gear set is created for the Solo players i.e. the Nomads. The complete set offers 50% bonus to Scavenging, 20% Health regain on Kill and the ‘Nomad’ talent. While ‘Nomad’ is active, if you receive fatal damage, it instantly revives you to full health. This revival can occur once every 10 minutes.

    Let’s hope this talent doesn’t bug out and revives players infinitely.

  3. Tactician’s Authority: This gear set is catered towards the players who rely on their skill powers. The complete set offers 4000 increased skill power, 20% skill haste and the talent ‘Tactician’s Authority’. When said talent is active, every 60000 damage point the group deals will add 1% skill power to the player up to a maximum bonus of 100% and the bonus is reduced by 1% for every second the group is not dealing damage.

    If you’re running this, it’s best to keep a player on reserve so the bonus stack doesn’t go down.

  4. Sentry’s Call: This gear is meant for the sharpshooters. The whole set provides 30% Headshot Damage, 20% Damage To Elite enemies and the talent ‘Stalker’. While ‘Stalker’ is active, each headshot marks the enemy. Said mark increases damage dealt to the enemy by 15% for 10 seconds. And a target can receive up to 3 marks at a single point of time, granting up to 45% damage bonus for 10 seconds.

    If you’re planning on getting this set, make sure you count your shots.

From the looks of it, equipping 2,3 and 4 gear pieces from a single gear set grants the first-tier gear bonus, second-tier gear bonus and the gear talent respectively. For example, if a player equips 2 gear pieces from Sentry’s Call, then he will get 30% Headshot Damage and then the other bonuses will be activated as more gear pieces are equipped.

So if planned correctly, a player can either have 3 separate first-tier gear bonuses activated from 3 different gear sets or both the first and second-tier gear bonuses from 2 differnt sets. However, a player can also activate the bonuses and talent from a single Gear Set and can also get a first-tier bonus from a different Gear Set. The combinations are pretty interesting if this is actually true, but we’ll have to wait to find out what’s what.

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