July 21, 2024

3d configurators are great interactive tools that are powered by live 3D models. They allow consumers to customize products to their preferences, enabling them to watch their adjustments in real-time.

With this service, you can experience the products you want to purchase from all angles. It also allows you to customize product attributes like color, texture, and other components. You can do this from any device to get a better feel of their products.

In this post, we will share with you the different products and businesses that use the 3d configurator model to bolster their customer satisfaction and engagement:

1.      Furniture

Furniture is one of the latest products to be revolutionized by 3D product configuration technology. Customers now have the opportunity to redesign entire furniture from scratch.

You simply need to select your preferred model, customize it, and download the final design. This gives you the power to redesign custom home and office interiors unique to your preferences. Your manufacturer will then turn your furniture design into reality.

This product configuration allows you to envision how your new furniture will look in your living space or office.

2.      Bicycle

Bicycle enthusiasts now also have the benefit of designing their bikes from the ground up. This service benefits everyday bikers and professionals alike by allowing users to customize their preferred new bicycles their way.

You can use this new technology to personalize a wide range of individual elements and construct your new bike from scratch. From the frames to wheels to handlebars, each aspect of your bike is hand-selected and tailored by you.

3.      Cars

Cutting-edge configuration technology has also revolutionized the car manufacturing industry. This new technology allows customers to design almost every aspect of their new cars. The 3d configurator gives you total control over your new vehicle customizations from the bonnet to the wheels and even the seats and materials used.

It is also important to note that the levels of customizations may differ, depending on the vehicle manufacturer you’re using. However, most manufacturers tend to offer similar degrees of modifications.

You can make several customizations when selecting a new vehicle, including the model, color scheme, driving options, interior, and any additional extras. Cars are serious investments. It’s only right that you purchase one that meets all your needs.

4.      Watches

Thanks to 3D product customization, you can now customize your watch dial, face, hands, date wheel, logo, and more. You can even have custom engraved initials on your watch, making it the perfect gift for that special someone.

Today, finding the perfect watch that suits your budget and lifestyle is just a few clicks away. You now have more control over the type of watch you want. Make your watch as individual and unique to you as possible using the custom configuration.

5.      Shoes

A recent study found that over 74% of customers feel frustrated when the websites they visit aren’t tailored to their browsing history. Consumers are more likely to engage with businesses that take their wants and needs into consideration.

And allowing your customers to customize their shoes to their preferences takes the top spot in this regard. 3d configuration allows your customers to choose from different color options, base, laces, sole, tongue, and even eyelets.

Simply craft your preferred shoe designs, then send your preference to the manufacturer for processing. Nothing feels better than walking around in shoes made by you and for you.

Final Word

As of writing this, there’s a growing number of products and manufacturers who are adopting 3D product configuration to personalize their products around their consumers.

By allowing consumers to design their products, you’re essentially improving your relationships with them. This guarantees a higher return on investment.

Remember, a happy customer is a returning customer!