July 23, 2024

Avaya is a world-renowned brand that offers various solutions like communication, collaboration via desktop phones, audio or video conferencing solutions, multimedia devices, headsets, and more. Whether you are using cloud, premise, or hybrid options, this brand will help you achieve new heights.

The options provided by Avaya are ideal for Hospitality, Financial, Healthcare, Education, Small and Midsize Businesses. So, if you have decided and bought an IP phone set up for your business, here’s how you can set it up.

However, before that, you need to have a few prerequisites. So, let’s get an idea about these elements first.

Prerequisites Before Configuring IP Phone

  • You need an extension number and user details. You can request the same during installation.
  • Avaya IP phones don’t draw any power from the telephone switch. They require a power supply. You need to check your model’s user guide to know more about the options.
  • Ideally, a 10/100 Mbps RJ45 Ethernet LAN connections point will help install your ip phone systems. All the LAN cables used for this brand must be Category 5 cabling. You can add an additional LAN cable to connect the user’s system via IP telephone.
  • Your IP office control unit must have voice compression channels. Usually, they are prebuilt.
  • Your PC must have a static IP address. You can install the IP telephone software using the CD provided with the product.

While there are many options available in IP phone systems, we’ll talk about Avaya’s 9600 series IP phone systems in this article.

Avaya IP Phone Set-Up

You can locally power these phones with a DC power jack. In addition to this, this series of IP phones support IEEE 802.3af standard LAN-based power. So, you must make sure whether your LAN supports it. By doing so, you can see whether you need to power the device locally or by means of LAN.

However, if you add different buttons or a Bluetooth adaptor, its power class might change. You might have to switch to L or H.

So, ideally, you need to follow the following steps to complete the telephone assembly.

  • Take the H4DU 4 conductor coiled handset cord. Now plug one end of the cord into the telephone and the other end into the handset itself.
  • Now take the category five modular line cord. And plug one end into the ethernet jack of your system and the other end into your 9600 series IP telephone. However, if it needs to be IEEE powered, plug one end of another category five cord into the ethernet jack and the other end on the IP phone.

Wrapping up

Remember, when you get the phone, your software might not be the updated version. So, a download might be initiated when you plug in the phone. By doing so, your telephone system will have updated and better functionality. In addition, you can remotely restart your phone using Avaya’s media manager for further system updates.

Remember, there are many series available in this brand. So, read the user manual carefully and install and set up your Avaya IP phone easily.

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