May 20, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, it seems the almighty Denuvo DRM wasn’t so catch free after all (there is always a catch BTW), In an attempt to constantly change the game code in order to make the job of cracking a game protected by this DRM nightmarish for crackers, it seems Denuvo has just went a little too far and did something which may come back to bite it in the ass, now of course this is all just reported by a few users and a proper tech analysis of the situation remains to be done, but its safe to say that if this turns out to be true , Denuvo is gonna take a lot of flak and maybe a lawsuit or two.

This scenario isn’t much different than what Securom and Ubisoft’s constantly online requirement based DRMs did back in the day, they were more trouble than good to the legit users while crackers eventually managed to crack them and get rid of the annoying tid bits making the game more enjoyable and hassle free to pirates.



Source : Reddit – Denuvo DRM