April 19, 2024

After a disastrous launch on all the leading platforms Assassin’s Creed Unity was no less than a fail chapter in Ubisoft’s shameful journey.After getting ridiculously criticized for a half made,broken game Ubisoft finally tried to give his hardcore fans a small patch of relief by canceling the season pass for Unity and by announcing that the DLC Assassin’s Creed Unity-Dead Kings will be a free content for all as a token of their gratitude.So finally the day arrived,Assassin’S Creed Unity-Dead Kings is here.Don’t get panicked by the sight of “FREE” at the bottom of the content,you deserved it.

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Dead Kings takes you to the gloomy,overcast.foggy,mystical world of Franciade. Surprisingly in terms of dlc Franciade is quite large.It also offers you some new activities,collectibles but the streets are quite the mirror image of Paris streets.Not to mention the repetitive NPCs also. After wandering for couple of minutes on the streets of Franciade I discovered that Ubisoft still dint find the cure for the sudden pop-up of NPCs.Just as the main Unity world in dead kings too they suddenly appears from thin air.Glitches are back but luckily not a major frame drop issue in Dead Kings.But the main secret lies elsewhere.Mostly half of the Dead Kings story takes place in the iconic catacombs.The subterranean world holds the actual interest point of the game and it is huge,literally huge.The dark,maze like catacomb is enough to divert you from your current objectives even if you mark them as waypoint,but as a stealth heavy game the settings,ambiance and environment of Catacomb is really praiseworthy and actually justifies it pretty well.Get ready to face a hard time once you finish the story missions and go back to the underground for collectibles.

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A mere two and a half hour of actual storyline Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings is a story of Arno who must journey to the mystical underground world of Franciade to discover what templars are really upto this time.Accompanying him a side kick who in terms of size is quite small but hopes to free France from the blood sucking parasites.With this debuts a new breed of enemies “The Raiders”.Raiders are goons for hire who actually digs the ancient tombs to recover precious artifacts.Individually they are vulnerable but if they spot you there is no way to escape from them as they love to attack in groups and taking a group head on is simply committing suicide.But yes there is a ray of hope,actually not one,two.You either use your stealth skill to get pass them undetected or kill their leader.If you do so the rest will run away out of fear.But beware there are atleast 4 leaders in a 50 men group so choose your path wisely.

One should not take on such band of enemies with a sword,hidden blade and few bombs.Here comes the latest edition in the arsenal “The Guillotine Gun”.Guillotine gun is actually a grande launcher taped with a heavy axe.Blow up a large chunk of enemies with a single mortar bomb.Out of bombs? don’t worry,use the axe as a heavy weapon.Its a sheer advantage against the thick headed brutes.

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Another new addition to Assassin’s creed world is a Lantern.Yes you heard it right.A refillable lantern which is a great equipment for the dark catacombs but the use of it certainly not limited to that.The lantern takes a huge part in solving some puzzles and mysteries lies beneath the Franciade.Underground means there is a hefty number of unknown creatures crawling on the walls.Raise the lantern and make your way through those disgusted wall crawlers.

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And last but not the least along with some new murder mysteries,assassin missions and revamped Nostradamus Enigmas for the first time Ubisoft introduced “Outposts” in the game.Those of you who played Farcry series are familiar with the term.

Though Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings offers you a ton of new contents,modes and weapons it still fails to urge you to replay it.It simply could’ve been a heist mission in the main game instead they chose to introduce it as a dlc.We are really thankful to Ubisoft’s generosity that they gave away this without any additional cost because getting a season pass or even buying this dlc separately is not worth the money.Lack of story was a main problem of Assassin’s creed Unity and sadly Dead Kings also followed the same path.Play it before the big guns comes out later this month and beyond.