April 21, 2024

We witnessed the demand for laptops and notebooks over the past decade so closely into the PC market.AMD was, however, delivering their newest architecture for the time being which was not up to the expectation to what Intel offered.Recently we have seen a huge improvement in AMD’s architecture and market plans and their significance counts very much.

Speaking of these milestones what AMD has achieved in recent times with Ryzen is unimaginable.They are proud to announce a mobile solution for the same, laptops and notebooks, which suffices the ‘mobile’ category with Ryzen mobile, today.AMD, this time like Intel was doing for years made a better solution(hopefully) with Ryzen 7 2700U and Ryzen 5 2500U.That will consume a low power of 15Watts under optimum operations.

Let’s have a look onto this summarized presentation compared to Intel:

We clearly can see that AMD here with their graphics solution outstands where it was on the edge in the market previously.Concerned about CPU performance, there are different strategies where Intel keeps low on the base clocks where it does best with turbo boost, here AMD on the other side of the lane.Adding more cores only advances the GPU side.And Vega’s 11 compute units are better than 10, obviously on these APUs.

The Raven Ridge strategy in a jiffy!

What these CPUs can do with architecture is what it makes AMD stand out and a worth step into the mobile market.

Let these slides justify:

We are thankful to the engineers at AMD where they implemented BullDozer into a CPU that can fit into 15W of TDP but these Ryzen CPUs are the proof of the strong foundation which is equally important.Not only this reason but also a shoutout to the 14nm process.Even what Carrizo couldn’t deliver.

We’d also like to present a slide of AMD’s technological advancements and comparisons:

Summarizing the fact what we’ve gained from these slides is that AMD has a lot of potential with Ryzen.It’s market position and strategies are well developed.We can expect more from them.

These are the notebooks that are coming  to shelves: