February 19, 2024

RAzer main

It is known that Razer, the high-end gaming hardware manufacturing company has been working on a smartphone. Internet leaks and sneak peaks provide a fairly good insight into the device that is be launched on 1st November. Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of the company had confirmed that Razer is indeed planning to enter the mobile gaming market.

The only thing that we are able to experience firsthand is a teaser from the company. It is quite an intriguing one showing a man sitting with his face towards a mobile device in his hand and a carousel of images in the background. The teaser poster just says “WATCH” and that the device is coming soon on 1st November. Hence there is no confirmation about what to expect from Razer’s latest flick.

Back in the day in 2010 Sony had launched its PlayStation Phone. It miserably failed to strike the correct note and turned down the people who envisioned it as the next big thing in mobile gaming. Hopefully Razer will live up to the expectations gamers are putting on the product. But the company in known for its quality gaming hardware and something exciting can be expected.


Razer recently bought Nextbit and this might be a game changer. Nextbit came up with the aesthetic Nextbit Robin equipped with cloud offloading. The device could seamlessly offload apps and file not used for a long time to the cloud. It could retrieve them at the tap of a button. Razer might have something tricky up its sleeve with Nextbit’s technology in hand. A cloud upload for storing several heavy games would be a welcome. Thus, Razer would be the first gaming company to produce a gaming smartphone.

You can check out the official Razer website and sign up to receive updates about the smartphone launch. Link:https://www.razerzone.com/watch-listen-play