May 20, 2024

AMD recently released a driver to enable their Multi GPU technology for their Vega 64 and Vega 56 graphics cards. They never used the word Crossfire, AMD’s term for Multi GPU rendering, even once.Kind of strange considering this driver was supposed to do just that, enable crossfire, Right? Wrong.

First off, much like Nvidia did, AMD will only support Multi-GPU rendering with two cards from now on. Meaning a three and four-way setup will not work any longer, this was confirmed by AMD bt PC World:

“We have delivered two-way mGPU support in games. Three- and four-way configurations will continue being supported in compute and professional applications.”

Secondly, AMD has stopped using the word Crossfire. Henceforth their Multi GPU technology will only be known as mGPU. DX 12 will games will still be able to take advantage of more than 2 GPUs ( be it Nvidia or AMD) if the game dev so chooses. As it stands now, gaming on more than 2 cards is on its last legs.