April 19, 2024

My view on survival games completely changed after I played ARK Survival Evolved. 

You start as a man or a woman who are pretty much butt naked with literally NOTHING(well…..just one specimen attached to your wrist) to be the most badass among the deadliest and the loveliest creatures of the ark. You have to create a character by selecting the gender of the character you want to create of your choice..then you will be given an option to spawn in either of the four zones..east, west, north or south. You start with weapons made out of stones, thatches and woods. Weapons, building structures etc.

Your VERY first weapon has to be a stone pick. You can collect flint by swinging picks at stones. Which I remember doing right away as I had to make a campfire so that I can make cooked meats. Yes, you can cook meat in a campfire..it’s that easy. And very nicely done as you will need something to light up the fumes in the campfire. Wood, thatch or Sparkpowder. Now how do we get sparkpowder you ask?..simple…you have to make a mortar and pestle. Simply purchase an engram point after you level up and boom..learn the engram of the recipes that can be crafted at a mortar and pestle. And not only sparkpowder..you can make tons and tons of mixtures in mortar and pestle…like take cementing pastes for example..or narcotic..simply put the items in the inventory of a mortar and pestle and craft them. You can make structures anywhere, but first to do that, you need to make a foundation..I remember making myself a thatch hut..and then saying to myself “yes..now no one can touch me”..and on the same day a carnivore destroyed it all with just a one whip.

You can make structures out of thatches, woods, metals, stones, glass, or glass metals. The same theory goes for the weapons. You start with stones..and then as you progress..you start to collect metals and make weapons out of metal ingots. Then comes the use of the polymers..to make much more advanced weapons like assault rifles or pump action shotgun. Now to the tribes and how you can do with your friends and how you can do solo. I suggest forming a tribe.


Gather a gang, form a tribe and rule the ark. It’s that simple. AND you can get shared XP from the tribe members for the work they will be doing near you. That way, you can level up fast. On the other hand, playing solo does’nt really helps your level up rate, as you’re not getting any shared XP because you’re simply all alone..but the advantage is..well, there is no advantage, so I suggest not playing this all alone by yourself because after 50 or so hours, you’ll eventually get tired to building bases and taming all the weak herbivores. Believe me. I’ve been through that, it’s not fun at all. I for one really enjoyed how this game plays when it comes to both third person and first person. Everybody that has played this game have said it and I will say it too, it’s “skyrim with guns and dinosaurs”. I play with my friends in a tribe. We go out hunting if we need hides or raw meats, some guys stays at the base and expands it so we get more space to keep our stuffs. I honestly never felt myself so involved in one game than ARK for a long long time. I’m yet to experience what’s tribe war will be like in a game like this. What humans vs humans will be like for once after 200 hours of humans vs wilds. Now, to the outfits and armours. You can start with clothes made out of fibres. this just keeps you warm from rain from a short period of time. Then with time you can have hide armours, chitin armours, flank armours, ghillie armours,fur armours and even riot armor, each with their individual pros and cons AND you can color them. Yes, you can colour your armours, your weapons, your building structure, and your pet. I spent aroud two to three hours colouring my armours as to see which colour combination I like most.  

This game is SO HUGE in Early Access, I cant wait to see what they do to the final game.

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