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4 RPG Games You Need to Play on the Nintendo DS

The Switch may be Nintendo’s own king of handheld consoles right now, but the DS actually had a great run as well. In fact, there are many players both in the US and outside it who still play on the old handheld, thanks to its excellent library of games. As it happens, the Nintendo DS also had some interesting role-playing games up its non-existent sleeves as well, and today, we will take a nostalgic look back at some of the best ones in the genre that the DS had us…

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Gamescom 2017 : A Brushing Up of What Awed and What Flawed

Just when you thought your stomach was full from E3 ‘s major announcements this June,  Germany’s Gamescom comes forth with a much bigger and varied platter. It might not have the flagship reveals of E3, but all the major games makers are here with plenty to show off.  From playing demos of upcoming games , everyone roaming around in costumes as well as cosplay events taking place, Gamescom never fails to impress , even in terms of public attendance . About Gamescom Gamescom started in 2009 and is held annually…

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NVIDIA Tegra Chip To Power The Nintendo NX

Tegra-Powered : When it comes to hardware that powers consoles, you’ll find AMD chips inside almost every major gaming console. From Sony to Microsoft to Nintendo, it’s AMD’s playground. But, that is about to change with the Nintendo NX. Multiple sources have confirmed that the upcoming Nintendo console will be powered by a NVIDIA Tegra chip. NX was rumoured to be powered by an AMD chip. Looking back at the history of Nintendo consoles and how almost every modern console uses AMD chips, it becomes clear as to why an assumption…

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Rumor- Nintendo NX Might Not Use Optical Storage

Due to the lack of information, speculation has been running rampart, and today another report on the company supplying Nintendo with ROM chips suggests that the new console might do away with optical storage. There’s very little we know about the next Nintendo console, currently known with its Nintendo NX codename, other than the fact that it’s supposed to launch worldwide on March 2017 According to Money-Link (translated by Screen Critics), Macronix is expecting a period of growth around the time Nintendo releases its NX console Macronix’s ROM chips are usually…

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Pokémon GO Footage Leaks Online

Pokémon GO seems to be a very ambitious and intriguing title and probably the most unique Pokémon game ever. The idea of implementing augmented reality into a Pokémon game is not mind boggling but a real table turner. So, recently nine minutes of Pokémon GO footage has leaked online. You can check the video given below. The video was uploaded in YouTube by Darkathion. The game is currently undergoing a “field test” in Australia and New Zealand, which appears to be the source of the footage. Pokémon GO will be available for download…

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Nintendo NX Beats Sony PS4 In Terms Of Performance

Nintendo is about to release NX console for gaming, this year in the month of July! The console will come up to beat the “next-gen” consoles from Sony and Microsoft in terms of it’s performance. In an arbitrary degree the NX is advanced from all other systems in terms of RAM, GPU and CPU. The exact clock speeds aren’t yet informed to the public but it’s expected to be 20-30% faster than PS4 and XBOX One. 

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