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Kaby Lake Core i3 7350k performance numbers surface

Intel i3 Kaby Lake 7350K CPU benchmarks have surfaced

As we move closer to 2017 the cpu market is heating up. AMD is releasing Zen and Intel is ready to fire back with Kaby Lake. One of the big news about Kaby lake is the introduction of a overclockable i3 cpu. For years Intel i3 buyers wanted this feature , but Intel never delivered.

The i3-7350K clocks in at 4.00 GHz, out of the box. It’s also the only Core i3 desktop SKU to feature Turbo Boost, with a frequency of 4.20 GHz. It chip comes with an unlocked base-clock multiplier, letting you overclock it with ease.

Source: OC3D

The benchmarks show the cpu giving a score similar to the i5 6400 and the i5 4670k . Though one thing to note is that these benchmarks were done with a help of a software called Geekbench , which is a SINGLE Synthetic benchmark after all. Plus both the i5’s can be overclocked as well , and we are yet to see if this Geekbench score can be replicated by the i3 in real world performance .

Source: OC3D
Source: OC3D


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