AMD Carrizo Based Mobility APU Lineup Revealed with 5% IPC increase on the same node.

Back in 2014, John Byrne (Former SVP and GM of AMD Computing & Graphics Business Unit) revealed the new Carrizo lineup of APU’s.

Recently the whole Carrizo lineup got leaked ahead of ISSCC 2015.

Image courtesy : VideoCardZ


post-1-0-99049300-1424428892first up lets take a look at the Carrizo’s structure :

We have two Excavator modules, aka four CPU cores, and four GPU modules aka 256 shaders as inferred form the next two slides.

Two Dual core X86 modules,that is 4 Cores
8 AMD Radeon cores aka 4 GPU modules.
One more thing to note in the slide above is that AMD managed to achieve a 5% IPC Gain even after a 23% reduction in die size while staying on the same 28nm node as before. They did this by implementing something called the High Density Libraries(HDL). Although this is a long standing norm in the GPU side of things I am seeing this first time on the CPU side.
In laymans term HDL packs more transistors per mm of die area through tighter  layers,as a result the processor becomes more power efficient at the cost of speed.
HDL_closeupAlthough this also means we might see a better clock/watt.
So basically
  • IPC Gains
  • 23% reduction in die size
  • Better battery life.

Now coming to the actual lineup, they were spotted in .
The lineup will consist of the following

  • AMD FX-8800P
  • AMD PRO FX-8800B
  • AMD A10-8700P
  • AMD A8-8600P
  • AMD A6-8500P
  • AMD PRO A10-8700B
  • AMD PRO A8-8600B
  • AMD PRO A6-8500B
  • AMD RX-418GD
  • AMD RX-216GD
Among them partial specs of FX 8800P is known thanks to a 3DMark result,while its pretty vague in details it lists the APU  as a 12 Compute Cores enabled part which confirms that the Carrizo APU on mobility will feature a maximum of 4 x86 Excavator cores and 8 GCN Compute units forming into the 12 Compute Cores.

I will end this boring post(for some) with a screengrab of 3Dmark 11 score of the upcoming APU.
 So what do you guys think of the new Carrizo? Let me know about it in the comments below.



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Sumon Pathak
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Lawyer by day, Overclocker and reviewer by night, and a sniper in weekends.
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