April 19, 2024

Starting from the new Zotac ZBox to Magnus mini-PCs, Zotac announced a profusion of new PCs, ahead of Computex 2018.


Without providing much of information about their upcoming Mini PCs, but shared several features which gave us hints before the storm. ZBox CI660 Nano is one of their -to-be-featured system which is yet to be revealed. It has a passive air-cooling technique. It’s heart, is an unspecified 8th Gen Intel CPU will draw a power of just 25 Watts.


Also, another PC in their listing is the Magnus Gaming Mini-PC. It will rock an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor paired by Killer DoubleShot(that implies a Wireless AC 1550 and an E2500GbE is implemented.)


MEK lineup is populated with various high-performance desktop computers. Recently, Zotac added two MEK-branded desktop systems to join the MEK family to complete the lineup. The smallest PC in the MEK lineup, the Mek Mini is a powerful PC rocking an unspecified 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with a single GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

MEK MINI_image02

Zotac has also claimed that their Mek PCs also will have ARGB features that will light up the whole game!

VR Go 2.0:

Previously we have witnessed a backpack computer capable of VR, iterating a bit, VR Go 2.0 is the updated solution to its predecessor. What comes in this updated version might be the question from a bunch of you people. This updated VR-Ready PC will rock smaller and lighter chassis, ARGB illumination. It’ll also rock an 8th Generation Core i7 CPU installed.

VG GO 2.0_3D-image01

Full specifications and detailed information are unavailable to our team right now. We’ll try to fetch them soon ahead of Computex 2018!