May 25, 2024

Xiaomi has taken the market with a storm; but do u have the feeling the deal is too good to be true? 
Well..apparently it is.
The RedMi Note has been caught sending data to an unknown server in China while using WiFi and even 3G.

Fun part is, you cannot turn off the service or disable it;even after rooting.

RedMi seems to be sending pictures from MEDIA STORAGE. On top of that, your SMS and messages also gets channeled through the Chinese servers. It looks like XiaoMi is ‘helping’ users to automatically make a backup of your data on their servers without explicit permission from the user.

Now people might debate same stuff might happen in any western manufacturer BUT the difference is we know where the data is going even if its the NSA. 
But here we have no idea.

So…what are your thoughts? 

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