May 25, 2024

Whether we like it or not, smartphones are everywhere. People from different parts of the world use their handheld devices every day to browse the web, communicate with their families and have fun on all sorts of things.

Although there are billions of mobile users, most people use either Android or iOS. There were many other mobile operating systems that we could choose from, but all of them have stopped being active. 

The primary reason why Android and iOS have so many users is the number of apps. Android is the leader in this department because Google Play has more than 3.8M applications, including numerous products created by betting platforms. Let’s check a few reasons why most bettors prefer Android when it comes down to online betting.

More people use Android instead of iOS

Everyone who decides to look at the betting apps for Android presented by Nostrabet will notice that every big name in the industry is on this list. This may be strange to some of you because Android is known for not allowing most betting apps to be uploaded on Google Play.

Due to the company’s strict rules, most bookmakers fail to adhere to them, so they are forced to create apk files. Even though this process isn’t easy and usually costs a lot of money, almost every brand goes through it because there are more Android users now than ever before.

Things looked different many years ago when iOS dominated the mobile industry, but after Android took over, it quickly became the most prominent mobile OS globally. This is mostly due to the fact that Android is available on different types of devices, whereas to use iOS, you need to have an iPhone.

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Some payment solutions work better on Android

Every betting app for Android found on Nostrabet will allow you to make mobile payments. Whether you want to fund your account or claim your winnings, you can always choose one of the deposit and withdrawal solutions and make a transaction.

Usually, things like e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and debit/credit cards work well on Android and iOS. However, some payment alternatives are better if used on an Android device. Besides offering smoother transactions, some options may even have higher limits and lower fees.

Unlike several years ago, the mobile apps for Android usually don’t require you to have a powerful phone or tablet  

One of the problems that Android users had to overcome several years ago was their device’s capabilities. Unlike iOS, which was notorious for its top-notch optimizations, most Android devices didn’t work that well with the mobile OS. As a result, some applications (including those for gambling) require you to have a powerful processor and a lot of RAM to function properly. Hence, punters had to purchase expensive smartphones if they wanted to bet on the go.

Even though some people believe that iOS continues to be the better mobile OS when it comes down to optimization, Android is definitely not far behind. This means you shouldn’t have any problems while betting.