May 21, 2024

USB-IF recently had a big victory after the EU pushed USB C as the only standard for electronic devices to solve cable fragmentation issues. Right on the heels of that, USB-IF announced some updates including that of Type-C cables that can handle 240 watts of power and USB4 cables that can deliver users maximum data rates of 40 Gbps.

USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the support organization for the advancement and adoption of USB technology, today announced new Certified USB Type-C Cable power rating logos to clearly indicate the power capabilities of USB-C cables to consumers. Certified USB Type-C Cables will now feature logos highlighting support for 60W or 240W of power as defined by the recently published USB Power Delivery (USB PD) 3.1 Specification.

Additionally, the Certified USB4™ Logos have been updated to unify branding across the Certified USB Logo Program, offering consumers a simple way to identify the performance and power capabilities of certified USB cables, hosts, devices, and chargers. “With the new higher power capabilities enabled by the USB PD 3.1 Specification, which unlocks up to 240W over a USB Type-C cable and connector, USB-IF saw an opportunity to further strengthen and simplify its Certified Logo Program for the end user,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President and COO. “With our updated logos, consumers can easily identify the USB4 performance and USB Power Delivery capabilities of Certified USB-C Cables, which support an ever-expanding ecosystem of consumer electronics from laptops and smartphones to displays and chargers.”

Certified USB solutions ensure interoperability and backwards compatibility in the marketplace and USB-IF reminds consumers to purchase certified products from trusted sources that display USB-IF Certified Logos on packaging, product briefs, or the device, charger, and cable itself. To learn more about the Certified USB Compliance and Logo Program, please visit