February 19, 2024

Guest Post

Top Upcoming PC Gaming Titles of 2018

Wondering what games are being released on PC later this year? Here is a glimpse of the most anticipated gaming titles for the PC platform for this year

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This is the third installment of the second reboot trilogy featuring Lara Croft, one of the most iconic video game characters ever. After the massive success of the Rise of the Tomb Raider, which saw Lara go back to her gun-wielding roots following the somewhat disappointing entry game of the new trilogy, fans have high expectations for Shadow. Unfortunately, for now, not much is known about the game. Square Enix has released a teaser trailer, which is very short but hints at exotic South American ruins as locations. The release date is expected to be set in September.


In case you are thinking it’s yet another vampire game, it’s really not. Vampyr is hyped to be the next Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodline,  or even better. The game comes from the developer who created the narrative-driven gameplay in Life is Strange. In Vampyr, the player becomes a doctor afflicted with a thirst for blood. There’s no choice but to drain the various NPCs scattered throughout the game, but doing so unleashes a zombie-like threat on the world. It’s definitely not the typical vampire game. It’s expected to be a plot twist-filled, graphics-intensive ride, so get your gaming PCs upgraded before this title is released.

Jurassic Park: Evolution

With the Jurassic Park brand being rebooted as Jurassic World, a brand new PC game is in the works that will bring back nineties nostalgia and also feed your dino obsession. The game consists of two parts. During the first part, you build your own Jurassic Park. During the second segment, all the dinosaurs escape (naturally) and you have to contain them all on an island. The game would be released in the summer, presumably as a tie-in to the second Jurassic World movie.

World of Warcraft Classic

If you were a fan of the classic MMORPG game on PC, then all your dreams have come true. WoW has relied on expansions in the past decade to move on with the story and introduce new features. WoW Classic brings back the original story, in an effort to “replicate the game experience,” according to the developer Blizzard. It’s no secret that fans have been complaining the game is not good as it used to be. This is Blizzard’s way of keeping the hardcore fans around. No release date has been announced yet but its widely expected to be sometime in this year.

Monster Hunter World

The monster slaying game was such a hit on handheld gaming devices, it’s coming to PC platforms sometime soon. The game was released on consoles in January. For the first time, Monster Hunter World will enable PC gamers to enjoy multiplayer battles with players from all over the world. The game will feature new monsters and possibly new moves.

Soulcalibur 6

Though a well-known title among ardent gamers, Soulcalibur has never been released on PC. Finally this year, this combat game would make its debut on the platform with newer and better weapons. The game involves engaging in duels with cool weapons that have unique quirks as well as weaknesses. The sixth installment will introduce new features, such as a time-out addition that allows players to pause a duel to throw a rock-paper-scissors match.