July 15, 2024
Press Release

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is pleased to introduce our new budget-friendly memory series, the TOUGHRAM Z-ONE DDR4 memory series; which comes in both 3200MHz and 3600MHz. The aluminum heat spreader incorporates a sleek aluminum appearance which aids the ICs and dissipates heat at a higher pace. To ensure high stable gaming performance, TOUGHRAM Z-ONE uses tightly-screened ICs that are able to achieve higher overclocking performance, and is compatible with the Intel XMP 2.0. TOUGHRAM Z-ONE also works with the TOUGHRAM software that allows users to monitor the performance of their memory. TOUGHRAM Z-ONE is an optimal option for users who are looking to find high-performance memory at a manageable cost.

Features of Thermaltake TOUGHRAM Z-ONE:

Tightly-Screened ICs
Memory chips are thoroughly-screened to provide optimal frequency and response time performance.
Aluminum Heat Spreader
The brushed aluminum heat spreader delivers exceptional heat dissipation to meet high-performance needs.
Exclusive TOUGHRAM Software
The software can monitor real-time temperature, frequency, and performance via a simple interface with ease.
Intel XMP 2.0 Ready
Overclock with ease and optimize system stability with a simple setting.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
TOUGHRAM Z-ONE offers a limited lifetime warranty for the RAM.

Availability, Warranty, Compatibility, and Pricing

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM Z-ONE DDR4 Memory Series 3,200MHz and 3,600MHz are now available to pre-order on ttpremium.com. Thermaltake TOUGHRAM Z-ONE DDR4 Memory Series is backed by a limited lifetime warranty for the RAMs, and supported by the Thermaltake worldwide customer service and technical support network. For up-to-date pricing of the Thermaltake TOUGHRAM Z-ONE DDR4 Memory Series, please refer to the Thermaltake website or contact your local Thermaltake sales or PR representative.