July 22, 2024

Live Casino in India is a relatively new form of online casino gameplay. This new form of gambling is a near-perfect emulation of the land-based casino experience, akin to those found in Goa or floating casino boats of the Mandovi River. The difference is of course that a player places wagers on the roulette or blackjack tables from where ever they are through their mobile or desktop devices. Besides convenience for players, live casinos normally offer better payback percentages compared to traditional casinos and usually have many more tables and game types to choose from.

Online Live Casino Offers Human Interaction

Before we get to the technological part we will cover the important part of human interaction in live casinos. It’s exciting to play in live casinos since you are interacting with a person in real-time. Physical elements are less scaleable compared to technology and software. In live casinos, you need pretty much the same setup as a land-based casino – tables, a small army of dealers and one or several pit bosses. This becomes quite a large operation and there are a couple of huge players in the live casino studio industry such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Amaya Gaming, and Playtech, with casino experts often rating Evolution Gaming as the best amongst the leaders in the industry.
All of these live casino providers operate globally and offer their games to online casinos around the world. Popular locations for studios are Macau, Singapore, Philippines, Malta, Latvia, and Ireland.

Technology Setup

The main components include cameras, monitors, GCU (Game Control Unit), Dealer and in some cases roulette wheels.


Cameras are needed to record and stream live feeds of dealers carrying out the game mechanics on the table. Depending on the game type, several cameras could be used, as in live roulette, for example, has more than one camera facing each table – one capturing the roulette table, one capturing the roulette wheel and another capturing the whole gaming sequence including the dealer interacting with game components and facing the players engaging in the roulette game via live streaming feed.


Some would have a monitor outfitted out of the view from cameras. This enables the dealer to see the live feed as it’s being streamed and displayed to players.


The Game Control Unit is the heart and soul of a live casino game, assisting the dealer. The hardware is not much larger than a shoebox and enables the dealer to see an overview of what is happening at their tables and guiding them as to when they should spin the wheel in roulette or when it’s time to put down a new card after bets have been placed in blackjack.

Dealers and Wheels

As we already mentioned dealers handle the gameplay such as dealing cards in blackjack or placing the dolly and spinning the wheel in roulette. They also interact with players, reacting to the game and portraying emotion which the technology is not able to deliver.

Physical game components are some times used, such as in roulette where a wheel is used. The roulette wheel in a live casino is connected to the GCU in order to track when the spin starts and stops and where the ball lands to determine winners of each round of the game.