February 5, 2023

The Division will hand out 100s of Phoenix Credits to players who’s games have been disrupted by bugs.

Those that suffered due to missing characters and the backpack bug will receive 500 Phoenix Credits and 10 of all High-End crafting materials – fabric, division tech, gun parts, tools and electronics.


Phoenix Credits can be used to buy High-End gear and blueprints, and crafting items are used to created specific weapons and items. On top of that, this weekend everyone logging into The Division will receive another 150 Phoenix Credits to make up for the daily challenges which didn’t update three days in a row for everyone.

The information was confirmed on the latest State of the Game Twitch stream.

Compensation for the backpack and missing character bugs will be handed out sometime during the next two weeks.

What a way to compensate players, eh? Let us know what you guys think about this method.