April 19, 2024

Today earlier ubisoft announced the next Assassin’s creed game Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.With that came a very bad news,according to Ubisoft Tom Clancy’s the Division is delayed to 2016. Tom Clancy’s The Division will arrive in Ubisoft’s 2016 fiscal year, which ends in March 2016. Rainbow Six Siege and another AAA game is scheduled to be released in the same window.The tentative release window for The Division is between January and March 2016.Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said and we quote “It is never an easy decision to move a launch date.

This is not the first time Ubisoft delayed games.The most controversial one was Watch Dogs which also created a lot of hate among gamers because of its alleged “downgrade’.The term “polishing” nowadays creates a panic among gamers.We think ubisoft dont wanna release a new ip alongside their famous Assassin Creed franchisee just to play safe.Only time will tell if this is a right or wrong decision till then we eagerly wait for 2016 and new gameplay footage of the Division in the upcoming E3.