May 20, 2024

I recently had the exciting opportunity to dive into the closed beta of The Crew: Motorfest, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular racing game, The Crew 2. I’m eager to share my firsthand experience with fellow racing enthusiasts. With some impressive improvements and a captivating new setting in the breathtaking landscapes of Hawaii, The Crew Motorfest felt like a definite improvement over The Crew 2 in almost all areas.

Motorfest showcases a visual upgrade that is undoubtedly impressive when experienced under the right lighting conditions. The captivating landscapes of Hawaii are a treat for the eyes, and the attention to detail is commendable. However, it’s hard to ignore the trade-off that comes with a smaller map compared to its predecessor, The Crew 2. While the world feels more polished, the absence of the massive scale that defined The Crew 2 leaves a sense of longing for the vastness of the previous installment.

I played the game on the PS5 and there are two performance modes in Motorfest, a 60 FPS resolution-focused mode, and a resolution-focused mode, offering players the freedom to tailor their gaming experience. I found myself struggling to choose between them. While the 60 FPS mode provided a smoother gameplay experience, I couldn’t help but notice that the resolution-focused mode brought a significant visual improvement beyond just resolution.

Motorfest’s introductory playlists aim to showcase the game’s variety of races. I couldn’t help but feel that they lacked the exhilarating punch that the starting race in The Crew 2 delivered. The initial excitement of diving into the action was somewhat muted, and I found myself yearning for a more heart-pounding introduction to the game. Even though the quality of the races itself was great, it lacked a bit of the wow factor that Crew 2 delivered.

The development team had obviously put in the effort to refine the vehicle mechanics in Motorfest. The vehicles felt more responsive, and I could feel the difference in how they handled on the road. The game still demands a level of skill and strategy. Upgrading vehicles with the right parts became essential to stay competitive and dominate the races.

The standout feature for me was the Dualsense integration on the PlayStation 5. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers added a whole new dimension to the racing experience. I felt every bump on the road and the thrill of acceleration, creating an unparalleled level of immersion. It truly felt like I was in the driver’s seat, and I couldn’t help but marvel at the level of detail brought to life through the Dualsense controller.

As the release date approaches, I’m excited to see how Ubisoft Ivory Tower addresses the areas that could use improvement. The potential is certainly there for Motorfest to become a definitive racing title if the developers continue to listen to player feedback and show the same love and attention they did with The Crew 2. Until then, racing enthusiasts can anticipate an action-packed adventure on September 14, when the full game releases on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.