Star Wars Game’s Future Looks Promising.

star wars

Star Wars one of biggest franchises in the world will be treated with vast series of games as announced at E3 2016. Battlefront sequel is on the way as well and will be developed alongside Motive, the team lead by Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond. Visceral is also developing a brand new Star Wars game which was showcased at E3 and we also got a sneak peek of how the game might look. The game, which will be released sometime during 2018 with brand new plot line and characters. A third Star Wars game…

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Respawn Entertainment to develop the next Star Wars game

So ye Star Wars lads, giddy up as we got some fresh Star Wars news for ya on the eve of Star Wars day. Remember Respawn entertainment ? The devs who created Titanfall for EA ? Well news are just in that they are taking over to develop a new Star Wars game. As per EA games, the game will be a third-Person action adventure game set within the vast universe. Excited ? I sure as hell am. The game will be heeded by Stig Asmussen who once directed God…

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Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens Gameplay Shows Off Brand New Features

Lego Games surely know a thing or two about giving players a good gaming experience. The new inclusion into the Lego game franchise is Star Wars: Force Awakens. Recently a new gameplay has been released by IGN where we came to know a great deal about this title. First up, there’s cover shooting – perhaps not the first thing you’d associate with Lego titles. And then there’s space dogfighting – take that, Star Wars Battlefront. Other features can be seen which I’ll leave for the readers to find out from…

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