Magic and Might: A new approach to NerdMeet

NerdMeet 2: Magic and Might #16

Working for TechARX opens up a lot of interesting avenues of interaction with the community. But the most interesting one is undoubtedly, NerdMeet. Starting out with the sole idea of uniting every fandom and it’s community under one banner, NerdMeet is ambitious and a daunting task at it. This year, our plan for NerdMeet is a bit different. The team came to a decision that to properly expand beyond gaming and tech and involve more of the current nerd culture, we need to attract people. With that idea in mind,…

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NerdMeet 2015 : the beginning of a journey

Gamers of Kolkata are always looking forward to something that can keep them updated on the current happenings of the gaming world, something other than the internet, something physical, something they can visit. They got their chance this October the 2nd when TechARX in collaboration with AsidCast   and powered by NVIDIA and NassCom, hosted the very first Nerdmeet. The day started off with atleast 30 people attending the venue from the start. As the day progressed, more and more people started to pour in. We had conversations with gamers present…

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