Understanding SSDs (Beginner’s guide)

EDITORS NOTE : This article was written by an intern author and was has heavily copied from the following article : http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/210492-extremetech-explains-how-do-ssds-work. We would advise our viewers to read the well written article from Extremetech before going through ours. SSDs have been a humongous step in the department of Storage media. For years, we were stuck to spinning magnetic media and various others composed of its vestiges. These were staunch and reliable to say the least but lacked on a crucial aspect of storage i.e. speed. In our journey to understanding SSDs,…

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Top 5 best tablets under Rs.20,000

With tablets becoming common in the Indian markets at an increasing rate, the competition is becoming fierce among the tablet makers to provide the consumers with best tablets at affordable prices.If you are planning to buy one soon with not spending a huge amount of money,then you are at the right place.We have sorted out the best tablets under 20,000 INR which you can buy. 5.Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi with Retina display Released in the year 2012 by the American tech giant Apple,this tab still has the power to serve…

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Protect your smartphone Screen With Skin4gadgets Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Skin4Gadgets tempered glass screen protection

Most of the smartphone users often think how to protect its screen from any sorts of damage. These sorts of scratches and dents make your phone look ugly, disturbs the clarity of the screen and can also even destroy touch-pad of the device and you need to dig out a whole in your pocket if you plan to change the screen, One might would want to replace the device itself. So we are here to introduce a place where you can get your Tempered glass screen protector at very reasonable…

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