Mid Range 1080p Gaming PC Build

buy prednisone online for dogs http://stevestine.com/?author=5 With Diwali Season soon upon us, people will be out to buy new PCs for themselves or for their loved ones. AMD and Intel in the CPU space has a wide array of products to choose from. In this article, we present the gaming pc which can run games at 1080p 60 at High/ultra settings and also not break your bank. This PC offers the best ratio between Cost and Performance. This PC is also capable of some light 1440p gaming as well. NOTE: Techarx is not sponsored by any…

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Gigabyte GTX 10 Series Gaming Latops are now here


Gigabyte is now ready with their lineup of brand new GTX 10 series gaming laptops. These high-end machines are ready for 4K gaming and VR. These new laptops from Gigabyte allows you to configure with Intel’s 6th-gen Core i7 Processor, DDR4 RAM, USB 3.1 & Type-C The newest gaming laptops from Gigabyte are powered by NVIDIA’s Geforce GTX 10 series graphics cards. These laptops are the new P55 and P57 series. These are in addition to the thin and light ULTRAFORCE Series P35 and P37 units. These new laptops from Gigabyte…

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