February 29, 2024

It isn’t everyday when you pick up a random new game based on a few pictures posted on facebook. Well on 18th of July, impressed and hyped by the screenshots of a fellow Skyforge player, I signed up on to my.com and started downloading Skyforge. First thing’s first, a little heads up about the game. Skyforge is an AAA MMORPG game incorporating High-fantasy and Science-fiction into a single narrative with a big questline and a new resource earning and leveling system.


Took me at least a day to download the whole game but yeah finally I was in the world of Aelion. First 5 minutes into the game, I’m cutting through some demented and armor-clad rat-like creatures called the Virds and this random necromancer person comes with a freaking army of virds and mows down my squad and me. Ten minutes into Skyforge and I’m dead. Well crap.

10 seconds of black screen later, the virds are dumping my dead body onto a pile of former (and very dead) teammates and what-not and hang on a second, I’m alive again. Well time to become the pest control. 15 or 20 dead virds later, I’m fighting the same necromancer who killed and he’s called the Reaper of Death. Go figure.

Another cutscene later, turns out I was talking with the Elder god Herida who is also the Goddess advisor and she was reliving my memory through a flashback. Now they tell me that I am an immortal i.e. technically I cannot die. Magic – 1 : 0 – Genetics. Herida tells me to meet the God Scientist called Flavius. Owing to the countless encounters with god level scientists, this won’t be good.

God's Presence

So the Research Center is where Flavius has set up his sho…..errr….. that’s a hologram of Flavius. Along with a stylist called Quinta who can change my face. On a second thought, I kinda like my current in-game face. Now where the hell did this flavius run off to ? Oh a training room, goodie, time to break off some of that ice. Turns out I can use 3 classes as a basic training curve towards my way to godhood. I’ll take the deal. I have the Paladin, the Lightbinder and the Cryomancer at my disposal. Time to turn enemies into popsicles.Cryomancer casting Frost Shackles

30 minutes of farming later, I have unlocked the path of the Cryomancer which means I can gain Cryomancer-class specific resources which will allow me to advance my class more and as a reward of sorts, Flavius unlocks a detailed upgrade map for my character which is called the Ascension Atlas and holy pancakes, that’s a big upgrade path. turns out that now I can stand a chance to unlock additional classes and talents and passives which can be offensive, defensive or supportive depending on their choices and the combinations are endless. And if I gain enough fame and prestige, I can become a god. One thing is for sure, the devs sure know how to keep you interested.