May 21, 2024

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, including how businesses run. Since offices and factories had to be closed in most parts of the world, many companies couldn’t survive these testing times and had to be permanently closed. Those who survived had to limit their budget and make a lot of changes to their operations.

Like other things, SEO techniques also changed. Top SEO Experts in New York had to remodel their strategies in order to cater to the different requirements of their clients.

On this note, let’s take a look at some effective SEO strategies that can particularly prove to be more useful for SMBs:

Consistency Holds Key

There’s no off day when it comes to SEO. It requires regular work. You can’t just don’t do anything for a few days and expect your website to stay put on its rank. It’s bound to fall.

So, despite these difficult times, almost everyone is facing due to the global pandemic, it’s important to keep up with your business’s SEO. It’s going to impact your company both in the long and short term period.

Focus More on Long-Form Content

SEO experts have always voted in favor of long-form content as it gives them more options for keyword placement. Furthermore, keyword frequency can also be increased in such content. However, some were of the view that the user doesn’t have enough time to read the content. Therefore, they skim through it or abandon the website altogether. And not to forget, it’s not easy to curate long-form content. Also, visit, Jhhdhasdsfg. host

However, now, times have changed. Consumers have more time in their hands because of the “work from home” culture and lockdown. Therefore, they are more likely to read the entire thing, provided they find it engaging and interesting, instead of just reading a couple of lines.

So, you should make use of this opportunity and have long-form content on your website. Make sure it is creatively written and is supported by relevant media (images, charts and videos, where necessary). Also, the information written must be authentic. The quality of the content should be high-quality, and needless to say, it should engage users.

Redefine Long and Short Term Goals

It’s given that the pandemic is going to be over eventually. However, when this day is going to come, no one knows. Still, with vaccinations in the picture, it can be hoped that it will be over in the near future.

Meanwhile, you should focus on your long and short term goals pertaining to SEO and scrutinise them. If necessary, you should make changes to them as well.

For example, a short-term goal could be to write and promote COVID-related content and design your website accordingly. Similarly, for long-term goals, focus on post-pandemic operations.

Target Keywords Related to Coronavirus

It goes without saying that people are searching for anything and everything related to coronavirus. Therefore, it makes complete sense to target it with relevance to your products and/or services. Even if what you offer doesn’t relate to it, use these terms in your blog section. This can do wonders for your website in terms of improving its ranking. Again, the content written should be engaging and interesting.

Focus on Trending Themes

This, more or less, relates to the previous point. However, here we are recommending targeting other ongoing themes, as coronavirus-related keywords can be quite competitive. For example, you can focus on themes, such as work from home, DIY, virtual, in-home, indoors, etc.  

Reoptimise Old Content

One of the key features of SEO is that it doesn’t require new content to be produced for marketing. You can also reoptimise old content. So, sort through your website and find content that has been published on your website months or years back can be used. Make sure the content is relevant to today’s time and age. Adjust your newly found keywords and other terms, change headings, and improve the quality, if required.

It’s a cost-effective way to improve your rankings.

Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content offers more benefits than you think. Although it requires and can have competition as well, it certainly adds value to your website and helps in SEO perspective as well.

For the uninitiated, evergreen content can be a topic that stays relevant for a long, long time. For example, the process of obtaining a driving license can be selected for this purpose since the process, more or less, is going to remain the same for many years. If there are changes made, you can update the content with minor tweaks.

Lastly, hire a local SEO specialist. With most people working from home, local SEO can prove to be beneficial for your business more than ever.